Chuck Horn Bio
  Chuck was born and raised just outside of Houston, Texas.  Numerous styles of music influenced his formative years in the 1960's and 1970's and he played many forms of music at one time or another.  Rock, blues and country as well as folk, jazz and symphony.  Artists that influenced him the most included Bob Dylan ("If he can make a living singing, so can I"), Arlo Guthrie ("If he can write and sell songs like that, so can I"), John Prine, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and just about any other artist that wrote and sang their own music. 

   Never one to be a "Human JukeBox", Chuck started performing his own songs from the beginning.  He played clubs in Houston's Montrose area for some years in the 70's as guitar player/singer with his bands HomeGrown and Cloverleaf, as well as performing solo.  Next, he played drums for Gene Watson and the Steve Downing Band before joining two other long-time friends as a guitar player and singer in the formation of the trio The Dive Bombers, and played both drums and guitar with The Hambone Blues Review.  Though there were numerous other band and side-man gigs, these were some of the notable groups he was with over the years.                (see list below for more...)

   Chuck now concentrates on solo performances and playing with his new band Harbucks and Horns (a.k.a. H & H Guest Ranch), as well as performing occasionally with The Diver Bombers or other friends along the way.  You might even catch him at the Fall Festival Tailgate Party at Arlo Guthrie's Guthrie Center, the old church from Alice's Resaurant, just outside of Stockbridge Massachusetts....
to be continued......
Some Of The Artists And Bands Chuck Has Shared The Stage WIth...
Allison Fisher Orchestra
Bayou City Beats
Blaze Foley
Bobby Lewis
Carolyn Wonderland
Clay Blaker
Clint Black
The DiveBombers
Ernist Tubbs
Frank Salvato
Gene Watson
The High Tailers
Jimmy Day
Johnny "Rabbit" Bundrick
J.W. Weir
Lavel White
Lisa Moralis
Lips and the Trips
Mike Fisher
Mow and the Lawn
Natches Sabana
Pappy Selph
Pearl Murry
R. B. and the Hambone Blues Review
Road Kings
Rob McNurlin
Shake Russel
Steve Downing
ZZ Top
Some Of The Venues Chuck Has Played...
Anderson's Fair
Dan Electro's
Golden Fleece
Herman Park
Hilton New Orleans
Houston Art Car Parade
Houston International Festival
Last Concert Cafe
JP's Hops House
Local Charm
Moody Gardens
Papa Blakley's
Pier 99
Sand Mountain
Silvan Beach Pavillion
Texas Opra House
Wunsche Bros. Cafe
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